Our job is to be curious, learn, build and then simplify, dare, break the rules and never stop having fun. 3Parentesi was born in 2005 from the dreams of two professionals: a repentant lawyer, journalist and television author, and a (weekend) mountaineer expert in communication and press office. Today the working group is made up of graphic designers, photographers, videomakers, programmers, illustrators, social media managers, bike enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts and happy people.

Eleonora Bujatti

Repentant lawyer, she abandons criminal law to devote herself to journalism, and collaborates with various local and national newspapers and magazines.

She writes and curates several books, and is the author for events, meetings and television broadcasts (Eni, Rai3, La7, Rai5).

She works behind the scenes of 3parentesi dealing with content, image and organization.

Andrea Benesso

Graduated in Law, he attended a Master in Business Communication at the LUISS University of Rome and a Specialization Course for the organization of events.

While pedaling, climbing, running and skiing, he lives various professional experiences in the fields of art, culture, major events and business communication that lead him to develop a multifaceted professionalism.

In the 3parentesi team, he follows the Press Office, PR, strategic marketing and invents projects that will never come to light.


Graphics: Papermoustache

Italian Press Office: Flavio Zocchi

Administration and organization: Maila Miotto

Project managers: Andrea Gaiardoni, Monica Gargan, Andrea Sabbadin, Giovanni Toldo

Social Media Manager: Francesco De Sandre

Translations: Giulia Gaiardoni

Photos: Giovanni Danieli, Federico Ravassard, Nicola Damonte

Videomaker: Melpomene, Let’s Talk Media, The Vertical Eye